This release contains the following enhancements:

  1. Improvements to system performance through caching enhancements for login configuration, Agent dynamic data, Agent load allowances, organization configuration, Enterprise contacts and main contacts.

This release contains the following bug fixes:

  1. The active call box was not presented during active calls.
  2. Calls were ending while Agent was still on call and only a short wrap up was presented so Agent was not provided with a sufficient amount of time to wrap up.
  3. Agents could not transfer or consult to another Business Process without first placing the call on hold; a transfer or consult can now be directly made.
  4. Internal interactions were being displayed in the outgoing filter.
  5. Correction of misspellings on the screen for Callbacks.
  6. Agent Dashboard sidebar was collapsing all Dashboards so that they were not clearly displayed.
  7. Agent states for chat and telephony interactions were not being changed to the correct Agent state causing an interaction to not be ended.
  8. All chat messages were not being displayed externally to the customer after being sent by the Agent.