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It may seem overwhelming to deploy Clearlogin for your organization and keep it secure.  Therefore, this article identifies common tasks that you will find helpful to complete your configuration.  Even if you have already deployed Clearlogin, you can use this guide to ensure you are getting the most out of your current configuration.

Admin Getting Started Task List

OverviewGet familiar with Clearlogin's features, use cases, concepts. and technologies.
Clearlogin Web PortalsGet familiar with the Clearlogin admin and end-user portals.
Add Your Identity Sources

Use the below articles to configure your identity source.  If you don't have an identity source, you can use the Clearlogin Directory as your identity source.

Connect to Active Directory
Connect to Azure AD
Connect to Google G Suite
Connect to Okta
Connect to Clearlogin Directory

Create Additional Admin UsersCreate at least one local Clearlogin user profile with the admin role for use if there is an emergency. This user profile should not be used daily, and it should have a long, complex password.  Additionally, have members of the admin team sign into Clearlogin using an account in your identity source (AD, Azure AD, etc.).  After they sign in, you can promote them to the admin role in the User Profiles section.
Create Authorized ContactsAuthorized contacts are individuals within your organization that are authorized to contact Evolve IP with technical, billing, or administrator-related issues.
Customize the User Portal & Login PageChange the look and feel of the Clearlogin portal by adding your organization's colors, logo, and policy statements.
Password Settings and Session & Lockout SettingsConfigure your password settings including password change & reset settings, warning messages, and account recovery settings.  Additionally, configure the number of sessions allowed, when a session will time out, and lockout settings.
Multi-Factor AuthenticationRequire your users to perform two-step verification when signing into Clearlogin.  You can also configure Clearlogin to use another MFA service.
Application ConnectorsClearlogin has an application catalog that contains hundreds of pre-integrated application connectors.  Some of the applications your organization uses are probably in the catalog.
Access RulesAccess rules allow you to dynamically control access to Clearlogin, and the applications you have added to Clearlogin. 
User ProfilesQuickly view access rules assigned to users, disconnect their sessions, check their lockout status, and verify their identity with security questions.

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